Year: 2015

Bruno Cayoun’s MiCBT for Wellbeing and Personal Growth works underwater

SOURCE: Ruth Ostrow, The Australian, December 5 2015  I’d just been to a lecture on pain management by BrunoCayoun, one of the principal developers of mindfulness-integrated cognitive behaviour therapy. Cayoun uses a simple technique that helps people diminish physical and psychological pain in less than four minutes. The process, discussed in his book MiCBT for Wellbeing

Changes to MiCBT Training

FOUNDATION COURSE replaced by new-style APPLIED COURSE : we are please to announce that our training format has changed which will increase clinical productivity and reduce overall training costs for participants.The new training course combines the standard Foundation course (applying MiCBT to yourself) and the standard Applied course (implementing MiCBT with clients under group supervision)

The power of equanimity for pain reduction

Written by  Bastian Fox Phelan in Wellness “Pain is a serious health issue,” Dr Bruno Cayoun says. Pain is complex and subjective, however it is required for survival. “Interestingly, there are no pain receptors and no pain fibres in your body,” Bruno says. “Pain is a response to the perception of threat.” The medial prefrontal cortex

MiCBT Teaching – Japan

主催 MiCBT 日本研究会 昨年度に引き続き、今年度もオーストラリアの MiCBTInstitute ブルーノ・カイユン博士の 許可の元、内藤美加子先生による「マインドフルネス統合認知行動療法(MiCBT)」トレー ニングコースを2つ実施するご案内をすることとなりました。「2日間体験入門ワーク・ショップ」と、そこで学んだことを実際に臨床現場で活用した い方のための「臨床実践基本コース」です。ご関心のあるみなさん、ぜひ MiCBT を一緒に 学びましょう。 MiCBT 日本研究会事務局長 馬見塚珠生① 日間体験入門ワーク・ショップ MiCBT を基礎からじっくり学ぶコースです。時 :2015 年 11 月 21 日(土)&22 日(日) 10 時~17 時 ところ :ドーンセンター(大阪府男女共同参画・青少年センター)最寄駅:京阪「天満橋」駅、地下鉄谷町線「天満橋」駅から徒歩 5 分受講料 :26,000 円(基礎編+上級編の CD 付※1) 定 員: 40 名 参加資格:医師、臨床心理士、精神保健福祉士② 臨床実践基本コース※2 MiCBT を実際に臨床現場で活用したい方のためのコースです。①の 日間体験 入門 で学んだ知識をもとに、7 回分のスカイプによるグループ・セッション※3 を行 います。時 : 2015 年 11 月29

BRISBANE: Upcoming 8-week MiCBT courses with Patrea O’Donoghue.

These 8-week courses offer a structured method that effectively re-trains your brain and starts extinguishing unhelpful automatic thinking and reactive patterns. You’ll develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, the ability to settle yourself and stay calm, and be more assertive.  

Early Bird Registration ends next week ~ October 7 ~ Don’t miss out!

  Specialised MiCBT Workshops     These workshops are specifically designed to assist MiCBT therapists who have completed the Foundation Course as well as those with more advanced MiCBT training.   Nov 7 MiCBT for Chronic Pain This is a specialised workshop on the specific use of MiCBT for chronic pain and its common co-morbid disorders.

Core Differences between MiCBT and MBCT

Mindfulness-­‐integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) are both evidence-­based approaches that inevitably overlap but are also different in several ways. The two methods were originally designed for different purposes, originate from different teachings and teachers of mindfulness training, and incorporate different Western psychological methods. Here is a very brief overview of

Mind & Its Potential 2015

27 & 28 October 2015 | The Concourse, Chatswood, Sydney USE IT OR LOSE IT! Not long ago, science had the notion that the capacity of the brain was fixed. We had what we were born with and past early adulthood, it was all downhill. However, the science of neuroplasticity has completely changed that. We

MiCBT Applied Course – new dates!

ATTENTION CANADA! New MiCBT Applied Course dates just added. Commencing early September, these courses are specifically designed for mental health therapists who have already completed an MiCBT Foundation Course. 04-Sep-2015 AC040915: MiCBT Applied (12 weeks) Online CANADA Fridays Places: Available 05-Sep-2015 AC050915: MiCBT Applied (12 weeks) Online CANADA Saturdays Places: Available

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