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A beginner’s guide to mindfulness meditation

Regular mindfulness practice is gaining popularity as a way to improve wellbeing. Undertaken correctly and regularly, it can produce positive benefits in the management of stress, depression, pain and other areas of distress, writes Alice Shires, clinical psychologist and director of the UTS Psychology Clinic. What is it? Mindfulness meditation focuses on being in the

Mindfulness-Integrated CBT (MiCBT) for Reducing Distress in Parents of Children with Intellectual Disability (ID): a Case Series

Raphaella Osborn1Mary Girgis1Stephanie Morse1Jovana Sladakovic1Ian Kneebone1Alice Shires1Seeta Durvasula2Lynette Roberts1 1 Graduate School of Health University of Technology Sydney Ultimo Australia 2 University of Sydney Sydney Australia ABSTRACT Caring fora child with an intellectual disability (ID) is associated with significantpsychological distress. Interventions include cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT) and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Mindfulness-integrated CBT(MiCBT) may offer a

BRISBANE: Upcoming 8-week MiCBT courses with Patrea O’Donoghue.

These 8-week courses offer a structured method that effectively re-trains your brain and starts extinguishing unhelpful automatic thinking and reactive patterns. You’ll develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, the ability to settle yourself and stay calm, and be more assertive.  

MELBOURNE: Mindfulness-integrated CBT Program 2014

Struggling with depression, anxiety or stress?  Consider joining this program February program starting soon! Participants can expect the following outcomes:  Enhanced ability to understand and manage depression, stress, anxiety and anger  Improved ability to manage habitual negative behaviors  Improved ability to understand the relationship between mental and physical experiences and mood  Ability to engage in

Are you looking for greater happiness and peace in your life?

With this 8 week Mindfulness program, learn to D.A.N.C.E  Decrease and manage pain, anger, frustration, stress, worry, anxiety and depression Accept and manage your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours  Neutralize your reaction to negative life events and feel less overwhelmed  Connect better with the people around you  Empower yourself to live well and have greater

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