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Using our Site

These terms govern your use of mindfulness.net.au (the site), so please read them carefully. The terms may change from time to time, so check them regularly. No commercial use of this site is permitted. You may use the site for personal, educational purposes only. 

MiCBT Institute Copyright

This site contains a variety of copyright material. Some of this is the intellectual property of individuals (as named), some is owned by the MiCBT Institute itself. Some material is owned by others (clearly indicated), and yet other material is in the public domain. Except for material that is unambiguously and unarguably in the public domain, only material owned by the MiCBT Institute and so indicated, may be copied, provided that textual and graphical content are not altered and that the source is acknowledged. The MiCBT Institute reserves the right to revoke that permission at any time. Permission is not given for any commercial use or sale of this material.

No other material anywhere on this website may be copied (except as legally allowed for private use and study) or further disseminated without the express and written permission of the legal holder of that copyright.

Contributing to the Site

You agree that all of your contribution to the site is your own work. You license us the non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide rights to reproduce, communicate, edit, adapt or otherwise use any content you upload to the site. You also consent to your content being altered, edited or adapted for such uses, or to ensure your content does not infringe these terms or breach the law as we see fit. Prohibited content. You must ensure that your content does not contain anything that breaches any laws or rights, including by:

  • defaming any person
  • breaching any intellectual property rights
  • containing personal information (contrary to our privacy policy)
  • containing commercial advertising
  • containing excessively coarse language or content which would be rated R, RC or X by the Australian Classification Board (see www.classification.gov.au)

If you would like to include someone else’s copyright material, trademark or other intellectual property in your content, you must first obtain and keep their written permission.

Removal of Content and Termination of Membership

We may remove your content from the site at our discretion. We may terminate or suspend your membership (and any future accounts) if you have breached these terms multiple times or if the breach is serious.

Your Privacy

The purposes for which we collect your personal information when you register or email us are: administering the site, sending you a password, contacting you about your content and keeping in touch with you. Members and students can access and update their personal information in the My Account section at any time. To find out more, please read our privacy policy.

Liability and Disclaimer

You must:

  • own all of the work you upload to the Site or have permission from the owner of the content to upload it;
  • be able to grant MiCBT Institute the rights under these Terms and Conditions, and
  • obtain the consent of the owner of any work incorporated into the content you upload on the Site;

because serious legal consequences can happen to you, MiCBT Institute, and other parties if you do not (like legal action for infringement).

You indemnify MiCBT Institute against all losses, costs and expenses directly incurred by MiCBT Institute, in connection with a demand, allegation, action, proceeding or claim that you do not own all of your work, you are not able to grant MiCBT Institute rights, or you do not have the consent of an owner to incorporate their work into yours. MiCBT Institute must take reasonable steps to mitigate its loss.

Any legal issues will be dealt with under the laws of Tasmania, Australia. 

While the MiCBT Institute has attempted to make the information on this server as accurate as possible, the information on this website is for personal and/or educational use only and is provided in good faith without any express or implied warranty. There is no guarantee given as to the accuracy or currency of any individual item on the server. Persons accessing the server who require confirmation of any information should refer to the section of the MiCBT Institute sourcing the information to the server. The MiCBT Institute does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned by use of the information contained on the server nor from any access to the server. 

While the MiCBT Institute will make every effort to ensure the availability and integrity of its resources, it cannot guarantee that these will always be available and/or free of any defects, including viruses. Users should take this into account when accessing the resources. All access and use is at the risk of the user.   The MiCBT Institute has provided hypertext links to a number of other websites as a service to users of this Web server. This service does not mean that the MiCBT Institute endorses those sites or material on them in any way. The MiCBT Institute is not responsible for the use of a hypertext link for which a commercial charge applies. Individual users are responsible for any charges that their use may incur. 

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