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What is the difference between MiCBT and MBCT?

Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) are both evidence-based approaches that inevitably overlap but are also different in several ways. This is because the two methods were originally designed for different purposes, originate from different teachings and teachers of mindfulness training, and incorporate different Western psychological methods. Click below to download the pdf for a brief overview of these techniques, with more information on MiCBT, given that it is less well known than MBCT.

Core differences between MiCBT and MBCT

Who can attend MiCBT courses?

No prior knowledge of mindfulness is assumed, but basic skills in cognitive and behavioural techniques are required. MiCBT is a mindfulness-based therapy specifically designed to address clinical and subclinical conditions.

Australian Therapists:
Registered and currently practising psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners (mental health – level 2), mental health social workers, mental health occupational therapists, mental health nurses and ACA-registered (Level 3) or PACFA-registered (Clinical Member) counsellors and psychotherapists may apply. Proof of membership from registering body required.

Therapists outside Australia:
Registered and currently practising psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners (mental health), mental health social workers, mental health occupational therapists, mental health nurses, counsellors and psychotherapists may apply—proof of membership from registering body required.

I would like to enrol in the Foundation/Applied Course but I may not be able to attend all the online sessions. Is it possible to catch up at another time?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to attend the missed lessons at a later stage. However, as all of the online sessions are recorded for review, you can watch the missed session later at your convenience. Please note we do not provide a Certificate of Completion if you miss 3 or more online sessions.

I've never attended online classes before. What do I need?

The online teaching component of our courses, masterclasses and supervision sessions are through Zoom. Zoom is accessed through your internet browser, and you do not need to purchase any software – all you need is a computer with a good internet connection, a headset with a microphone and a webcam. If you would like to test your computer now, click here to run a Zoom Diagnostic test.

Do you offer payment plans for course registration?

We are flexible with payment for courses. The only criterion is that the course is fully paid 10 days before it commences. Please contact us to discuss any concern or questions.

Are the training events endorsed?

We no longer seek endorsement from Australian organisations as endorsement is not necessary for claiming CPD hours. 

Generally, you may claim 1 CPD / hour of the event. Please check with your own governing body for clarification.

I have already studied ACT/MBSR/DBT/MBSR/MBCT or different forms of meditation. Can I skip the Foundation course?

Unfortunately not.

As with other therapy approaches, MiCBT has its own specificities. MiCBT is a very tight and seamless integration of traditional CBT and traditional mindfulness training, in the Burmese Vipassana tradition. It has a particular way of integrating CBT and mindfulness, making the coexistence of the two approaches (often thought to be mutually incompatible) complementary and effective. It is neither a juxtaposition of two approaches nor an eclectic combination of Buddhist concepts and behavioural tasks. It does not water down the powerful effects of traditional Vipassana meditation. Accordingly, the neuroplastic changes in the brain produced by traditionally taught mindfulness meditation and the efficacy of the well-documented behaviour modification and cognitive reappraisal techniques enable MiCBT to address an extensive range of disorders rapidly with long-term effects.

Accordingly, unless you have learned this particular way of integrating CBT and mindfulness training, you will need to attend the Foundation Course as it is not only about learning to meditate. During this course, participants learn the self-implementation of the 4 successive stages of MiCBT and discover the surprising benefits of MiCBT, as often reported by professionals already trained in other mindfulness-based methods. 

Join clinicians from around the world and learn this empirically-validated intervention and how it would benefit your clinical practice. 

Earn professional development points/hours.

Become certified in the integration of mindfulness and CBT and offer this service with confidence and credibility.

For Mental Health Therapists

Learn how mindfulness training can be integrated with the principles of CBT to offer a practical set of evidence-based techniques to address a broad range of psychological disorders and general stress conditions.


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