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NEW! Mindfulness Meditation Retreat (for non-therapists)


Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
…cultivating insight and wellbeing through guided mindfulness meditation…

A residential retreat for health professionals, business and individuals leaders.

Are you interested in developing inner resources to address stressful challenges and improving your sense of calmness and well-being? Would you like to cultivate insight and discover powerful life strategies? If so, join us in learning an evidence-based meditative practice with Dr. Cayoun in a three-day immersion into mindfulness.
The retreat is suited for all levels of experience. You will: 

  • learn how to practise (or improve your practice of) mindfulness meditation
  • learn the key principles of mindful living
  • discover practical tools to incorporate into relationships, parenting and work
  • understand how to break habitual patterns of reacting and learn how to respond rather than react
  • learn how to work peacefully with challenging emotions and thoughts
  • learn to live with greater purpose, wisdom and fulfilment

See here for more information and registration

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