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Grief is a legitimate, non-pathological, emotional expression of loss in humans, but many clients come to therapy for bereavement issues. Others are referred for Adjustment Disorder, where various forms of bereavement are often part of the presentation. Besides the wide variety of grief presentations, causes and comorbidity issues, therapists can find it challenging to address the grief component of a client’s presentation, whether grieving is justified or not. Dysfunctional grief can be just as challenging when the loss is largely justified, such as the loss of a child, where asking clients to be equanimous can be perceived as being asked to abandon their child.

This masterclass will help you adapt the delivery of MiCBT skills to complex grief presentations and provide examples of technique adaptation at various therapy levels.

You will learn:

  • how to case conceptualise grief with the co-emergence model of reinforcement
  • how and when to alter the standard steps
  • how to integrate the new scientific understanding of memory processes in grief issues
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