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Masterclass 4: Adaptation of MiCBT for Children

Although MiCBT provides the strong advantage of being a transdiagnostic intervention, age-related adaptations are important to consider, given the significant differences in brain volume and functionality across the lifespan. These differences result in dissimilarities in the capacity for attention, memory, self-awareness and self-regulation, and therefore in the way clients understand and use MiCBT techniques. This also applies to CBT alone, which has been shown to lose efficacy in older adults.

This masterclass will assist you with adapting MiCBT for children, where attention and emotion dysregulation are more complex to address than in adulthood. It will provide several examples of technique adaptation at various therapy levels and give an overview of the early empirical evidence for the efficacy of MiCBT in childhood.

You will learn:

  • How to use the MiCBT generic child protocol for children
  • How and when to delay the standard steps
  • How (and why) to insert intermediate steps
  • When not to use mindfulness in MiCBT and for how long
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