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Providing a sound rationale to clients is an essential feature of all CBT-related programmes because of the need to engage clients in active participation. However, discomfort, reactivity, drowsiness, doubts, misunderstandings, and practice avoidance are all typical and expected challenges new clients encounter in the early stages of MiCBT. Accordingly, it is important to provide clients with evidence of their existing strengths and self-efficacy to increase their engagement in the programme and decrease the probability of dropping out.

To this end, delivering the rationale experientially is a great asset, as it immediately demonstrates to clients that they have the potential to decrease suffering if they learn to be equanimous. Nonetheless, this experiential delivery is an exposure method that requires guidance and skills that often take years to mature fully. This masterclass will highlight the typical traps that clinicians encounter and provide detailed guidance for successful implementation.

You will learn:

  • How to deliver the rationale experientially and how often to do so
  • How to schedule the experiential rationale
  • Variations in delivery according to client presentation
  • Alternative delivery types and their appropriateness
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