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The theoretical basis for constructing and applying MiCBT has been expressed in various forms, including spiritual, cognitive/behavioural and neurobiological, depending on the audience to whom it is described. MiCBT was developed with the integration of these three dimensions in mind. Whereas the cognitive-behavioural and neurobiological bases of MiCBT have been well articulated over the past decade, the spiritual basis has not been given much attention.

MiCBT was developed two decades ago as a transdiagnostic approach to therapy, based on Bruno Cayoun’s interest in reducing the factors underlying human suffering that are common to a range of disorders, irrespective of diagnosis. To address these common factors, MiCBT was modelled on the ‘Eightfold Noble Path’, known in Buddhist psychology as a set of trainings to reduce suffering, combined with the most effective cognitive and behavioural methods used in modern therapy.

This masterclass will describe how the four stages of MiCBT relate to the eight skillsets of the Eightfold Noble Path (right understanding, right thoughts, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration). It will explain how the skillsets were used for 26 centuries to help one’s training of living ethically (Sila), gaining control over one’s mental processes (Samadhi), and understanding the nature of experiences with wisdom (Pañña). The masterclass will also explain how MiCBT helps clients grow beyond the process of symptom reduction by bringing these maturing factors to life.

You will learn:

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