A 4-stage transdiagnostic treatment approach

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  • 6 hours

  • Online using Zoom, which allows you to use interactive documents, interact with other participants and the presenters.

  • 6 CE credits for CPA members / APA CE credits available for $50

  • No previous MiCBT training required.

  • • 14 days access to the recorded workshop
    • Membership to the North American Chapter of the MiCBT Institute
    • Online access to additional resources, pre-and post-workshop


Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) is a sophisticated integration of evidence-based core principles of mindfulness and CBT. MiCBT consists of a four-stage transdiagnostic treatment approach and is applicable to a wide range of mental health conditions and ages. It is based on the integration of traditional methods of mindfulness training (Burmese Vipassana tradition of Ledi Sayadaw and U Ba Khin) with well-established principles and methods from cognitive and behavioural traditions.

This one-day workshop describes the theoretical framework underlying MiCBT. It will expand your common understanding of operant conditioning and provide a strong neurobehavioural basis for integrating mindfulness training with traditional CBT.

Join clinicians from around the world in this unique opportunity to learn more about MiCBT and to explore whether training in this empirically-validated intervention would benefit both your clinical practice and personal mindfulness practice.

Learning Objectives

Teaching Approach

The experiential workshop will involve learning material through various modalities, including:

  • Guided mindfulness meditation practices as taught in MiCBT
  • Live demonstration of delivery of Diary of Reactive Habits
  • Guided Mindfulness Interoceptive Exposure Task and Experiential Ownership
  • Frequent knowledge checks using Slido
  • Video demonstrations of MiCBT skills with a client during real-life therapy sessions
  • Live Question and Answer through chat


For the introductory workshop, no prior knowledge of mindfulness is assumed, but basic skills in cognitive and behavioural techniques are helpful.

Note that attending the workshop is not a prerequisite for registration in the Foundation Course (which is the first step in training in MiCBT delivery). Although the Foundation Course is primarily experiential, and clinicians are guided through the self-implementation of MiCBT, all material covered in the workshop is presented and discussed in the Foundation Course.

As MiCBT is a mental health treatment specifically designed to address acute and chronic mental health conditions, professional mental health qualifications or enrolment in a professional training program is required.

Students and registered, currently practising psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners (mental health), mental health social workers, mental health occupational therapists, mental health nurses, counsellors* and psychotherapists* may apply. Proof of membership from registering body is required.

* Australian counsellors and psychotherapists must be ACA-registered (Level 3) or PACFA-registered (Clinical Member).


Richard Ouellette
Clinical Psychologist Edmundston New Brunswick Canada
6 Dec 2023
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Laura Diaz-Forno
MA, LPC - Psychotherapist Laredo, Texas USA
5 Dec 2023
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This course has greatly increased my curiosity and my desire to continue getting more knowledge on how I can incorporate mindfulness practices into the CBT therapy that I already provide to my clients. I appreciate that the trainers gave me information about the Latin American chapter when I shared that I also provide therapy in Spanish to my community. Thank you so much for such informative training and your caring demeanor.
Melissa Sadikoff,
MSW, LCSW; Psychosocial Program Specialist/Oncology Social Worker; Irvine, CA
21 Nov 2023
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Excellent training. I was worried about doing this training live and online; however, it worked quite well and the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I appreciated how they utilized a variety of different teaching techniques to ensure all learners were understanding and integrating the material. I am excited to grow in my knowledge and practice of MiCBT. Thank you!
Jill Johnson
8 Nov 2022
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Clinical Psychologist
5 Nov 2022
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Excellent presentation
Diana Nikkhah
LMSW, New York USA
10 June 2022
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Michelle Calhoun
MS Clinical Psych - in progress, Behavioral Consultant, Maryland USA
4 June 2022
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Clinical Psychologist (MA Clin Psych), Melbourne, Australia
20 Nov 2021
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Alia and Andrea were engaging, sincere, invested in the delivery of the material and thorough in the content and level of detail. I highly valued their presentation styles and clinical expertise. They have a lovely dynamic as co-presenters. Brandy ensured that everything ran smoothly and it was clear how to escalate and resolve any issues should have have come up. I attended as an International participant and felt connected to the experience. Content was not 'skimmed over' or superficially presented as I have often experienced in other workshops.
Jocelyn Fotso Soh
M.Sc. Graduate trainee - Concordia University, Montreal, CA
31 Mar 2021
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Thank you! Thank you for your insights in this wonderful workshop. I strongly believe that to use mindfulness, it would be helpful clinicians to develop a good practice of mindfulness to be able to deliver it, "from the heart" and with that you very well demonstrated how to use mindfulness in therapy.
Dr. Fred Pelletier
C.Psych., Psychologist, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
30 Mar 2021
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This workshop was delivered with exceptional skill and quality. Both presenters displayed strong experience, academic excellence, and genuineness. Also appreciated was the professionalism, the respect shown to the participants, and the high level of understanding of clinical issues. The event provided an excellent platform for learning about MiCBT.
Suzanne Perkins
12 Mar 2020
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Great balance of personal and professional growth opportunities. Really pleasant venue, food, general vibe. Presenters complemented each other well. I would recommend to any mental health care provider.
Jennifer A. Shaver
Ph.D., Vancouver, CA
11 Mar 2020
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The workshop was well put together and offered an exceptional chance to try out some basic skills and get feedback. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants continuing education credits and is interested in getting an introduction to MiCBT. Those who take it should know that the "how to" course is largely the next course, which is offered online and I think you can access it without this introduction. So, if travel or lodging is difficult, and you are very interested in learning MiCBT, it would likely be cheaper to read the book and take the introduction course.
Taylor W
11 Mar 2020
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Really satisfied with what I got out of my 2 days at the Introduction to MiCBT. Received ample exercises that I can begin to use with my clients right away, as well as a keen interest to continue training in MiCBT. I appreciate the after taking a client through the MiCBT coursework, they will be left with a practice that can help them engage with what is arising for them at each moment. Truly empowering.
Stuart Cameron
09 Oct 2019
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The workshop does an excellent job at delivering the rationale and what both you and a client can expect from such a modality.
Otto Lim
Reg Clinical Social Worker and Canadian Certified Counsellor
04 Oct 2019
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I am inspired to continue my journey learning and practicing MiCBT for myself and my clients. MiCBT is an approach that makes clinical and compassionate sense to me. Thank you Alia and Andrea for being such excellent role models of MiCBT and sharing your wisdom and knowledge.
Kirsten Morgan
04 Oct 2019
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For anyone interested in how to effectively bring mindfulness into their clinical practice. This comprehensive presentation packs much in 2 days. In addition to orientating you to the 4 stages of change targeted in MICBT, it includes the research and neuroscience that supports the model, case studies and practice. It is acknowledged that further commitment to training is expected before bringing the program to clinical practice. Well worth it!
Deborah Fitzpatrick
Ph.D., C.Psych
30 Jan 2019
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I really enjoyed and benefited from this Introduction to MiCBT. I would certainly not put this workshop in the category of psychotherapy workshops that are watered down for more general consumption.... a fact which I love. The integration of mindfulness (including on-site practice), neuroscience, ample research references, and CBT foundations was superbly done, at this level of MiCBT.
Deb McGuire
28 Jan 2019
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This was an excellent workshop. I am a clinical Social Worker working with a complex population. I appreciated several aspects of this training. The facilitators were excellent and their different approaches complimented one another. They created a safe environment that allowed for questions and dialogue. their pacing was also excellent and the work never felt rushed or prolonged. The material was relatable - marrying aspects of the modalities that I use; the externalizing/de-personalizing work of Narrative Therapy, the Acceptance approaches in ACT and the Interpersonal Skills of DBT. The skill building of mindfulness practices throughout the training held a great deal of meaning for me and was grounding. I also loved the idea that we teach clients to focus on the co-emerging sensations. This is valuable for me as a Counsellor, as many of the folks I work with do not yet possess the skills required to begin traditional CBT work in a meaningful way. They all can, however, describe a sensation in their bodies - a much more accessible starting point. Thank You!
Dr Lyne Prudhomme
C Psych
28 Jan 2019
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Lynn S. Lavery
MSW. RSW, Pembroke, ON, Canada
28 Jan 2019
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Both presenters were well informed and comfortable with the material. They very easily moved between theory and practice. Each clearly had a passion for the approach and its efficacy. Questions were welcomed and answered respectfully. The presenters also held true to their daily format/structure. Very well done. Kudos to both Andrea and Alia
Andrea Khalid
MA, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
28 Jan 2019
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Evan King
25 Jan 2019
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Dr. Joanne Cummings
Ph.D. C.Psych
23 Jan 2019
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David Howard
M.A., C.Psych. Stratford, Ontario
22 Jan 2019
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An effective and eclectic bringing together of mindfulness practice, traditional exposure and desensitization, DBT, and compassion treatment platforms. With neuroplasticity in ascendance, the clinical approaches / rationales are well-supported and grounded in research. A very viable treatment option to MBSR, MBCT.
Marie Louise Lergesner (MPsych)
Clinical Psychologist Queensland
29 Aug 2018
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Deborah Vanzoelen
MAPS, Sunshine Coast
28 Aug 2018
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This course is highly recommended to learn new skills/tools that can be applied to a variety of clients that present in our clinics Looking forward to be able to attend the foundation course next
Liat katz Elyashar
clinical psychologist
28 Aug 2018
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The course gives you very good basic understanding of MiCBT.
Tom Heah
M.Sc. (OT)
27 Jan 2018
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Andrea and Alia were excellent teachers, and delivered a very user-friendly MiCBT workshop. They were passionate, organized and knowledgeable, and presented a good balance of theory and practice.
Sandra Atkins
RSW Victoria BC
25 Jan 2018
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Erin Burrell
23 Jan 2018
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This workshop was an excellent overview of MiCBT, with an enjoyable combination of didactic teaching, theory and neurological mechanisms, and practice elements. It helped me appreciate how truly "integrative" MiCBT really is, and whet my appetite for learning more. I enjoyed the presenters and the collegial atmosphere of learning.
Social Worker
23 Jan 2018
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Andrea & Allia bring their experience of mindfulness practice into their teachings. It was inspirational to witness how they blended science with mindfulness practice, I left our brief time together wanting to learn more. Thank you for inspiring me .
Elisabeth Drance
MD FRCPC Geri Psych, Canada
23 Jan 2018
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I have been searching for a empirically validated, well structured, but flexible tool to use in my 1:1 psychotherapy practice that integrates mindfulness practice and CBT across diagnoses. I found the workshop introduction to this topic both informative and inspiring. I am very happy I can explore it further in the Foundation Course.
Jessica Huston
RN BScN, Duncan BC
23 Jan 2018
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I appreciated the opportunity to participate in this excellent course. The material was thoughtfully presented and I would recommend it to my colleagues. While this is a clinically based model for working with clients, I took away insight and learning for personal development in mindfulness that is invaluable.
Cara Dunkley
PhD Student in Clinical Psychology, University of British Columbia
23 Jan 2018
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Fantastic workshop! Presenters were both incredibly engaging and knowledgable. I am excited to incorporate elements of MiCBT into my current clinical work, and look forward to becoming fully certified when time permits. This workshop helped bridge the gap between MBCT and CBT both conceptually and practically. Very applicable for clinicians who treat mood and anxiety disorders, as well as clinicians working in sex and couples therapy. Highly Recommend
Dr. Jo Sheedy
Psychologist, Geelong, Victoria
26 Jul 2017
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This workshop provided an excellent theoretical and practical training opportunity. The MiCBT model skilfully integrates the evidence-based principles of CBT with the practice of mindfulness. In my view, this course offers new understanding about why integration of these two approaches may offer particular therapeutic advantages. The model is presented clearly in terms of the related neuroscience. I would highly recommend this course.
Stephen Underwood
Psychologist. QLD
24 Jul 2017
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One of the best workshops I have attended in my career.
Psychologist, Melbourne
24 Jul 2017
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Thank you Bruno. Inspiring and consolidating.
Shaz Hyland
AOD Case Facilitator Launceston Tasmania
18 Jul 2016
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Maria Ganci
Social Worker, Victoria
15 Jul 2016
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Glynis Thorp
Credentialed Mental Health Nurse Broken Hill NSW
12 Jul 2016
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Thoroughly recommend this workshop. Bruno is a very skilled peaceful and serene presenter who practices what he preaches..
Peter Procailo
BSc(Hons) Psychologist, Sydney NSW
23 Mar 2016
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Michael Wai
MPsych, Psychologist, Sydney
18 Feb 2015
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Inderjit Kaur (Indi)
Dpsych, Clin Psych, Sydney
18 Feb 2015
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Virve Mujunen
(BPsych Hons), Psychologist, QLD
17 Feb 2015
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Mary Venables
BA/BSw Mental Health Social Worker
17 Feb 2015
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Dr Mike Beckoff
Rural Generalist Aldgate SA
16 Sept 2014
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Very relevant and practical workshop
Larissa Visco
Social Worker QLD
13 May 2014
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Very impressed!
Loranie Leas
Psychologist, Sydney
07 May 2014
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Angele Sliuzas
Counsellor, Vic
07 May 2014
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Judy Denson
Social Worker
19 Feb 2014
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Very interesting and made me enthusiastic to make some changes in my own life and to offer some ideas to clients although I don't have sufficient work/client time to personally offer the 8 week course.
Haid Barbara
Psychotherapist, Austria
27 Oct 2013
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Dr. Peter MacLean
Psychologist, Ottawa, Canada
22 Jun 2013
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Dr. Bruno Cayoun’s MiCBT model represents one of the best applications of the quintessentially important concept of balance. MiCBT brilliantly integrates the heart of Western psychology, CBT, with the 2500-year tradition of Eastern mindfulness. This theoretical integration is, in my opinion, among the best thinking in the field today. If sufficient research is carried out to support this integration, the result could contribute to a revolution in the field of mental health.
Dr. François Rousseau
Psychologist, Ottawa, Canada
20 Jun 2013
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This 2-day workshop was a very rewarding professional experience. The presentation was clear and gave a very good overview of MiCBT. In addition, the use of role plays and videos helped illustrate several important aspects of the model. Dr. Cayoun’s work in developing MiCBT appears to have filled an important gap by offering a full integration of mindfulness and CBT, and the importance this approach places on bodily sensations, as well as the specific strategies it suggests to work with these sensations will likely be of interest to many therapists. MiCBT offers exciting clinical opportunities and I look forward to learning more about this approach..
Dr Kate Partridge
Psychologist, London, Ontario, Canada
13 Jun 2013
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An excellent workshop: clearly presented, well structured, practical, useful video clips of actual therapy, founded on well-thought-through logical base and empirical information. Very valuable.
Susan Irwin
MSW RSW, Toronto, Canada
12 Jun 2013
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This 2 day workshop was the beginning of what I hope is a valuable training experience in MiCBT. I so admire the presenter's dedication to ensuring that people practice with the proper training. We all need to be so mindful of the ethics in our practice and how what we do affects our clients. Looking forward to the foundation course immensely. Thank you Bruno.
Sheri Van Dijk
Psychotherapist, Ontario, Canada
11 Jun 2013
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This workshop provided an excellent foundation to teach clinicians how to integrate mindfulness into psychotherapy practice. Bruno is motivating and inspiring, and I will certainly be making changes in my own practice, as well as in the way I work with clients, as a result of the new knowledge I gained through attending the workshop.
Lynndal Daniels
Registered MFT Intern, San Francisco, CA USA
11 Jun 2013
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Mindfulness, a practice thousands of years old, has become an increasingly popular topic in psychotherapy. But how does a therapist incorporate it into their practice with clients. The MiCBT workshop provided an introduction to the clearest, deepest and most structured integration of mindfulness and psychotherapy I've ever seen. If mindfulness interests you, this is a must-do workshop.
Dr Kirk Beck
Registered Psychologist, Counselling Services, The University Of British Columbia Canada
30 May 2013
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Dear Dr. Cayoun, I am grateful to have attended your workshop in Vancouver this week. Your MiCBT model, I find, is both revolutionary and evolutionary-evolutionary in the humanistic foundations of regard for all people, non-pathologizing, and attention to experiential awareness (not symptoms), all intended to lesson human suffering. The MiCBT model integrates decades of understanding of psychology, hundreds of years of meditation & mindfulness, and current neuroscience. Your presentation was wonderfully organized and beautifully presented. You interacted with our audience in the most congruent manner of your model.
Suzanne Peyton
Registered Nurse and Mindfulness Trainer, Vic
20 May 2013
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Thanks for an invaluable weekend of learning. The content was comprehensive and Sally responded with calmness and flexibility to the varied needs of our group.
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