CYGNET: 3-day Advanced Retreat Update

Dr Bruno Cayoun recently led a 3-day semi-silent retreat in beautiful Cygnet, Southern Tasmania for mental health professionals using MiCBT in their work. All participants had previously attended a 5-day Residential Retreat with the MiCBT Institute. This retreat focussed on personal meditation skills, mindfulness and equanimity, rather than on interpersonal skill with clients. The next […]

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DUBLN: MiCBT Workshop Update

Mindfulness-integrated CBT Workshop – Dublin 2013 Update by Eoin O’Shea March 23rd and 24th saw the first ever Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MiCBT) workshop to be held in Ireland. This took place at the Red Cow Moran Hotel and was delivered by Dr. Bruno Cayoun, based in Hobart, Tasmania. With the workshop lasting the entire

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How does the state of mind affect drinking and smoking?

It would be very helpful if you could participate and/or pass this on to interested clients, as appropriate. The study of equanimity is very scarce and yet so important in mindfulness research.  Thank you! Are you a social drinker?   Or do you smoke?   Come and take part in our study! If you decide

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Mindfulness Meditation: A Way In

By Merridy Pugh on Aug 27, 2012  This article was published on midlifexpress.com, a website celebrating midlife women, 2012. I sit cross-legged and straight-backed on a firm sequined cushion. My eyes are closed and if I smile a little, it brings to mind images of serene buddhas, gold and silver shiny with lotuses in their hands. I’m practising

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