BRISBANE: Managing Stress and Your Emotions

This 8-week course offers a structured method that effectively re-trains your brain and starts extinguishing unhelpful automatic thinking and reactive patterns. You’ll develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, the ability to settle yourself and stay calm, and be more assertive. Venue: Redland Community Centre 29 Loraine Street, Capalaba, Qld 4157 Times/Dates: 9am-noon (incl a tea break) Wednesday morningsWk 1: […]

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Mindfulness Meditation: A Way In

By Merridy Pugh on Aug 27, 2012  This article was published on midlifexpress.com, a website celebrating midlife women, 2012. I sit cross-legged and straight-backed on a firm sequined cushion. My eyes are closed and if I smile a little, it brings to mind images of serene buddhas, gold and silver shiny with lotuses in their hands. I’m practising

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From MCBT to MiCBT

What’s in a name? From Mindfulness-based Cognitve Behaviour Therapy (MCBT) to Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Important information about the change from MCBT to MiCBT The four stage model of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MCBT) has been developed for crisis interventions by Bruno A. Cayoun between 1989 and 2001 and further piloted since then. Independently, the

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