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Researcher Scholarships

The MiCBT Institute offers MiCBT Researcher Scholarships to assist clinicians and researchers involved in MiCBT research or committing to undertake MiCBT research, whose MiCBT courses are not already financed (e.g., through their university or an industry grant).

The MiCBT Researcher Scholarship is currently worth up to AU$2800 and covers the cost of both the Foundation Course and Applied Course. The scholarship may be offered to cover one or both courses, based on the applicant’s situation, at the discretion of the Institute.

This scholarship has been created to assist researchers in accessing MiCBT training in order to support the integrity of MiCBT delivery in research settings. The sole reliance on manualised instructions for implementation without having had supervised experiential training can result in biased or poor understanding and inaccurate application. Consequently, a lack of accurate training and understanding can produce invalid study results or interpretations of results.

The scholarship is offered for up to two researchers in each Foundation and Applied Course when places are available. This offer may vary across Chapters of the MiCBT Institute and is at the discretion of each Institute Chapter.



To apply for the MiCBT Researcher Scholarship, applicants must satisfy the following pre-requisites:

  1. The applicant must be fluent in spoken and written English or in the language in which a Chapter of the Institute teaches the course.
  2. The applicant must be a research student, researcher or qualified mental health professional.
  3. The applicant is not able to obtain financial support to attend the courses (e.g., through their university, employer or research grant)
  4. The applicant can demonstrate commitment to undertaking MiCBT research by 1 of the following:
    • Evidence of participation in a MiCBT research project from a university or other recognised research organisation
    • Evidence of MiCBT research already undertaken in part but has not yet been completed and would be improved by the researcher obtaining MiCBT training.
    • Evidence of plan to undertake MiCBT research under the supervision of one of the MiCBT Institute-certified trainers

If your situation meets the above criteria, please complete this form, answering all questions. You will be notified of our decision within two weeks of your submission.

Please keep in mind that even though you may have been offered the scholarship, we cannot guarantee you a place in the course of your chosen date as places in that course may already have been taken.

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