MiCBT Masterclass 7: Using and Interpreting MiCBT-specific Forms


  • Dr Bruno Cayoun
  • 2 CPD
  • 2-hour video
  • Pre-requisite: completion of MiCBT Foundation Course


The MiCBT approach includes using unique tools that enable the measurement of active mechanisms and theoretical constructs specific to MiCBT. For example, two active mechanisms associated with behaviour change are interoceptive awareness and equanimity. Accordingly, therapists use the Interoceptive Awareness Indicator and the Mindfulness-based Interoceptive Signature Scale to track progress. However, in contrast with usual questionnaires, measures of immediate experience can be difficult to interpret.

This masterclass will provide useful guidance for the implementation of these tools and the interpretation of the data. It will help you understand your clients’ difficulties and progress, contribute to your decisions about the pace of the programme, the homework to suggest, or the need for adapting the programme content.

You will learn:

  • A rationale for using MiCBT-specific measures
  • How to understand the measures used in MiCBT
  • How to better understand the data revealed by these tools
  • How to adapt the pace and content of MiCBT steps according to these tools
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