MiCBT Masterclass 2: Skillful Use of Socratic Dialogue in MiCBT


  • Dr Bruno Cayoun
  • 2 CPD
  • 2-hour video
  • Pre-requisite: completion of MiCBT Foundation Course


One of the core skills of CBT is the ability to use what is known as the Socratic dialogue, which is a way of communicating that increases the probability of cognitive reappraisal in the client. Although Aaron T. Beck used the term “Socratic questioning” in his Cognitive Therapy approach, this style of communication is also known to have been used by the Buddha 25 centuries ago. Socratic dialogue is used in MiCBT in a way that goes beyond the disputation of “irrational thoughts”. However, skilful Socratic dialogue is complex and formal training is necessary. This masterclass will provide guidance to navigate through difficult situations with clients, using several examples of Socratic dialoguing.

You will learn:

  • The nature of Socratic questioning and the rationale for using it
  • How to use Socratic dialogue
  • When to use Socratic questioning
  • How to use Socratic questioning for motivational purposes
  • When not to use Socratic questioning
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