MiCBT Masterclass 16: Therapy Contracting in MiCBT


  • Dr Bruno Cayoun
  • 2 CPD
  • 2-hour video
  • Pre-requisite: completion of MiCBT Foundation Course


MiCBT begins with an important contractual agreement between therapist and client. Although the use of a therapy contract is common in standard CBT, it is constructed and presented differently in MiCBT, in a way that motivates and prepares clients for an ongoing commitment to daily meditation practice. The MiCBT therapy contract is also used at various stages of therapy to help clients re-engage in daily practice if their motivation decreases over time. It is also used to assess the client’s progress at mid-and post-treatment.
This masterclass will provide you with useful guidance for the implementation of the therapy contract in three contexts:

  • using standard pen and paper,
  • using the 2015 (blue) self-help MiCBT book, and
  • using the MiCBT app.

It will also contribute to your decision-making process and focus on the tasks to be implemented in Stages 2 and 3 and the home practice to suggest.
You will learn

  • A rationale for using the therapy contract in MiCBT
  • A sound implementation of the therapy contract
  • How to use the therapy contract to motivate clients and prepares them to commit to daily meditation practice
  • How to use the therapy contract to help clients adhere to therapy requirements
  • How to use the therapy contract to review progress at mid-and post-treatment
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