MiCBT Masterclass 12: Using MiCBT for Chronic Pain


  • Dr Bruno Cayoun
  • 2 CPD
  • 2-hour video
  • Pre-requisite: completion of MiCBT Foundation Course


Recent research shows multidisciplinary evidence that chronic pain is learned through emotional processes in 80% of cases and is more likely to occur in people with a history of trauma and psychosocial distress. This workshop will describe the neuro-phenomenological mechanisms underlying the use and efficacy of MiCBT for persistent pain. It will describe the rationale for using the Mindfulness-based Interoceptive Exposure Task (MIET), which creates immediate relief from both emotional and physical pain. It will also discuss the co-emergence model of reinforcement, which is the theoretical framework for using this new exposure approach. This will deepen our common understanding of operant conditioning and exposure principles.

This model will also show how to case-conceptualise clients’ avoidance and other aversive reactions to pain to increase treatment efficacy.

You will learn:

  • How and when to delay the standard steps
  • How (and why) to insert intermediate steps
  • How to modify the approach
  • When not to use mindfulness in MiCBT and for how long
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