MiCBT Masterclass 11: Dream Interpretation in MiCBT


  • Dr Bruno Cayoun
  • 2 CPD
  • 2-hour video
  • Pre-requisite: completion of MiCBT Foundation Course


Dreams are integral parts of daily life that have long fascinated humanity, but they can also be sources of great suffering when associated with emotional disorders. Despite existing theories of dreams, therapists who attempt to offer interpretations tend to over-rely on theoretical assumptions, which seldom translate into tangible benefits during clinical interventions.

Based on observations made during mindfulness practice and the co-emergence model of reinforcement, Dr Bruno Cayoun will discuss the advantages of adopting a new way of conceptualising, understanding and interpreting common dreams during clinical practice.

You will learn:

  • Current dream theories
  • The co-emergence model of reinforcement and its relevance to dream experience
  • Co-emergence interpretation of dreams in clinical practice
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