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Seasons Greetings

I hope this finds you in good health and good spirits. Iwould like to welcome all new colleagues who have recentlystarted their training in MiCBT. I hope you find the trainingitself and its consequences in your life to be beneficial. Ialso congratulate all finishing Graduate Diploma candidates fortheir dedication to learning, as deep inside us, it is mostlycompassion that drives our need to learn to serve othersbetter. 2014 has been a productive year, making way to anexpansion of the use of MiCBT and of its training in the nextyear.


Mikako Naito (Clinical Psychologist from the Goal Coast) hasstarted teaching MiCBT in Japan, where she and her colleagueshave formed the MiCBT Study Group. Mikako has done a phenomenaljob translating all the client forms, presentation slides, theMSES-R, the relevant web pages, and the audio instructions onCD in Japanese. Others will benefit a great deal from herwork.


My new (self-help) book is now published. Writing it hasbeen a worthwhile journey in itself, gathering the support ofwonderful people who generously gave their time to assist inthe process. The foreword by Dr Shauna Shapiro (Santa ClaraUniversity) and the reviews from Drs Mark Williams (Universityof Oxford), Bruce Stevens (ANU), George Burns (CairnmillarInstitute), Lynette Monteiro (University of Ottawa) and SharonSalzberg (Barre Center for Buddhist Studies) are wonderful. Iam confident that you and your clients will find this self-helpbook to be of great assistance in the understanding and thepractice of MiCBT, as well as mindfulness in general—ashort summary is provided below. I would love to hear yourfeedback. Thanks for letting others know about the book.


I wish you all a joyful and fulfilling end-of yearcelebration, a restful break from work, and a peaceful andproductive new year.

Bruno Cayoun

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