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MiCBT Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

MiCBT Vancouver Island Retreat

The experience of a mindfulness meditation retreat for therapists

Recently, a 7-day mindfulness meditation retreat exclusively for MiCBT therapists was held on beautiful Vancouver Island and led by Dr Bruno Cayoun with Dr Andrea Grabovac and Dr Alia Offman assisting.

The retreat was a transformative experience, both professionally and personally, and a great opportunity to build connections with like-minded therapists.

The program was designed to train participants to explore their inner experience with deeper levels of insight, develop greater equanimity and compassion, and deepen their understanding of vipassana meditation practice within MiCBT.

Participants attended daily guided meditation sessions, eating and walking mindfully between meditation sessions, Nature walks provided participants with time to reflect, integrate and process their profound experiences.

The retreat’s agenda also included a daily group discussion, where participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and obtain guidance from the teachers.

If you are a therapist who has attended an MiCBT Foundation Course, you too can take advantage of such retreats to enhance your mental and emotional well-being and improve your MiCBT clinical practice. If you missed this retreat, keep an eye out for future 5-day or 7-day retreats.

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