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MiCBT workshop with UCSD Centre for Mindfulness


Join clinicians from around the world in this unique opportunity to learn more about MiCBT and to explore whether training in this empirically validated intervention would benefit both your personal and clinical mindfulness practice.

At the completion of the workshop, participants will have learned:

  • Describe recent findings on theoretical underpinnings of mindfulness practice and its effects
  • Identify the neurophenomenological foundations of behavior maintenance and change
  • Explain how to engage the client in the treatment plan
  • Discuss the use of MiCBT for attention- and emotion-regulation
  • Utilize MiCBT for behavioral regulation and decreasing avoidance
  • Demonstrate the use of MiCBT for interpersonal regulation and improving conflict resolution
  • Apply MiCBT for transpersonal regulation and relapse prevention strategies

To learn more about MiCBT: https://cih.ucsd.edu/mbpti/events/micbt-mindfulness-integrated-cognitive-behavior-therapy-june-2023

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