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MiCBT Institute April Newsletter

Welcome to the first MiCBT Institute Newsletter of 2013 and a big welcome to you if you recently had training in MiCBT and receive this newsletter for the first time. We hope you find this issue informative and useful. 

An exciting and major development was the first Mindfulness Conference in Australia on March 1-2  this year: The Australian Mindfulness Science and Practice Conference. Some of the main mindfulness teachers and researchers in Australia were present and presenters and attendees felt it was a real success. I thank the organisers for this wonderful initiative, including Maura Kenny, Graham Meadows, Tim Goddard, Paul Atkins, John Julian and Aileen Pigeon, and I am keen to attend again next year.

From a teaching perspective, 2013 is already very busy for us at the Institute, with the piloting of novel teaching formats and expansion overseas. So far, Alice Shires facilitated a successful 8-week Foundation Course, including a 2-day workshop in Sydney, and I facilitated the very first MiCBT workshop in Europe (Ireland) in March. What a wonderful group of friendly people! I am currently running the Foundation Course online for this Dublin group, which is also the first Foundation Course in Europe. Another teaching expansion is a Canadian teaching tour in May/June (see details below). This will be the first teaching of MiCBT on the American continent. 

Other dates and locations for workshops and courses in Australia and overseas are listed in the body of the newsletter. 
I encourage you to browse through this short newsletter and be curious enough to visit the pages online.   
Best wishes,

Best wishes
Dr Bruno Cayoun


  • Training Calendar 2013
  • MiCBT in Dublin
  • MiCBT training for Canada
  • First International Conference on Mindfulness in Rome
  • Special Interest Workshops
  • Voc. Graduate Diploma support sessions
  • Post-MiCBT interviews on video
  • MiCBT Interest Groups and Client Groups
  • Mindful in May – Pause for a Cause
  • Classifieds: Room to Rent

Training Calendar 2013

May Melbourne
MiCBT Foundation (8 weeks) Melbourne and Online Full 

MiCBT for Chronic Conditions, Crisis Intervention & Relapse Prevention (2 days) 

27-28 May
Vancouver: MiCBT for Chronic Conditions, Crisis Intervention & Relapse Prevention 

30-31 May 
Ottawa: MiCBT for Chronic Conditions, Crisis Intervention & Relapse Prevention 

6-7 June 
Toronto: MiCBT for Chronic Conditions, Crisis Intervention & Relapse Prevention 

20 July
MiCBT Applied (12 weeks) Online Almost Full

14 September Sydney *NEW*

MiCBT for Children- details available on website very soon!

October Perth
MiCBT Foundation (8 weeks) Perth and Online  
MiCBT for Chronic Conditions, Crisis Intervention Relapse Prevention (2 days)  

October Brisbane
MiCBT for Chronic Conditions, Crisis Intervention & Relapse Prevention (2 days)   
MiCBT Foundation (8 weeks) Brisbane & Online   

22 November  
MiCBT Residential (5 days) Cygnet Tasmania 

Visit www.mindfulness.net.au/mindfulness-training.html  for information

MiCBT in Dublin

The first teaching of MiCBT in Ireland was initiated and organised by Eoin O’Shea, Registered Psychologist, Director,School of Psychology, City Colleges Dublin, and General Manager of Turn2me (an online mental health provider). Eoin is interested in organising ongoing training in MiCBT in Dublin. 

The 2-day workshop took place in March and the online Foundation classes have started. This is the first foundation Course in Europe and we believe that there will be many more. Some attendees came from the UK and Dr Richard Hulme, Clinical Psychologist from Brisbane, came from Australia to attend as well. Richard is interested in extending the MiCBT Institute in Florida and to train clinicians in the US.

Pictured are some of the participants from the 2-day MiCBT Workshop.

MiCBT Training in Canada

Three 2-Day MiCBT workshops are scheduled for Canada over May/June this year. These workshops will be held in:
VANCOUVER (27-28 May), in association with Jack Hirose & Associates 

OTTAWA (30-31 May), in association with Excellence in Practice 
TORONTO (6-7 June) in association with Leading Edge Seminars
Though this is not yet confirmed, it is likely that a Foundation Course for the Canadian and US attendees will be offered. This is also an exciting development, first initiated by Dr Lynette Monteiro, Clinical Psychologist from the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic, and organised by Dr François Rousseau, Clinical Psychologist from Excellence in Practice, Ottawa.   

First International Conference on Mindfulness in Rome

The First International Conference on Mindfulness is a 4-day conference starting on 8th May with a wide program and Sarah Francis will be presenting the results from 8 MiCBT groups.

Sarah is the convenor of the Melbourne MiCBT Interest Group and works closely with Dr. Bruno Cayoun as the head of the Learning and Development Group at the MiCBT Institute. 

Here’s the link if you would like more information on the conference and are lucky enough to be able to go-  https://ahwinstitute.com/first-international-conference-on-mindfulness

MiCBT Workshops for Specific Conditions or Age Groups 

Based on repeated suggestions from colleagues, we are planning to offer 1-day workshops for specific interests. As you are aware, MiCBT is a transdiagnostic approach that addresses the reinforcing components of most disorders. Accordingly, it is generally applicable to most conditions provided the current symptoms are not overwhelmingly debilitating (e.g., mania and psychosis). 


However, there have been repeated requests for training that allows more depth into specialised client groups (e.g., children, elderly, couples), presentations (e.g., grief, anger) and symptoms (panic, apathy, etc.). The Institute will start to offer such short and specialised workshops to professionals who have attended at least the Foundation Course. You are welcome to let us know about what topic could interest you in future workshops. The workshop this year will focusing on MiCBT for children (September 14, Hyde Park Forum, Sydney) – details on website very soon.

Graduate Diploma Support Sessions

Bruno Cayoun will be conducting 1-hour WebEx support sessions on the last Wednesday of the month for professionals enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of MiCBT. There is no extra cost for this and it is a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and discuss coursework.

Please contact the MiCBT Institute if you have not yet received the login/password for WebEx.

Upcoming sessions: 6.30pm to 7.30 pm (AEST)
April 24 2013
June 26 2013 
July 31 2013
August 28 2013
September 25 2013
October 30 2013

Training Videos

Training Videos

Post-MiCBT interviews in the Guest Portfolio  are updated regularly and available to everyone. These videos show the results of undertaking MiCBT treatment, as reported by clients with severe conditions, often complicated by comorbidity.

Twenty three training videos are also available to those who have completed the Foundation Course (minimum). These show the various skills used in MiCBT and their wide applications across disorders with actual clients and their immediate results. Access to these specialised video portfolios requires a password and are not accessible if you have not yet completed the Foundation and/or Applied courses.
If you have completed one of these courses and don’t know how to access them, please contact us at: admin@mindfulness.net.au . New videos are regularly added so visit the portfolios again soon.

MiCBT Interest Groups

The MiCBT Interest Group in MELBOURNE is thriving with monthly meetings and discussions on case studies, research papers and of course some time in mindfulness practice.

Regular contributors are Boyd Cowley with interesting case studies of MiCBT with children, and Glenn Kelly and Suzanne Brown with cases of using MiCBT with acquired brain injury. There are free mindfulness meditation group sessions monthly and this is regularly attended by past course participants or clients and sometimes professionals.

MiCBT Client Groups

Two client groups commenced this week: the first GEELONG MiCBT client group with Glenn Kelly and Suzanne Brown and a client group started in BRISBANE with Patrea O’Donoghue.
If you are planning on running an MiCBT client group or Interest group, email us the details and we will be happy to post it on the News page of the Website. Send details to admin@mindfulness.net.au

Mindful in May – Pause for a Cause

This is a wonderful way to re-affirm your commitment to sit each day and raise money to provide clean water in developing countries! This short video will tell you all about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3Ubp-jBFOo 

 If you feel inspired, join with the MiCBT Institute team here: https://www.mycause.com.au/page/micbtinstitute


Therapy rooms for rent in Northern Beaches: Warriewood  
Barrenjoey Psychology is a practice in Warriewood on the Northern Beaches. We have two furnished rooms to rent in a brand new modern office suite. The offices are sound proof and air conditioned and have comfy couches and chairs and new desks, access to wireless internet and reception services. They open to a quiet and peaceful waiting room and new kitchen. There is access to modern bathroom facilities and a lovely café and childcare on the premises, good parking and after hours security. 
All Psychologists working here have MiCBT training and use mindfulness based therapies with clients. The local GP individuals refer some patients specifically for this treatment and we welcome including other MiCBT practitioners to the practice. We have four psychologists and we all have different areas of specialty and cross refer some clients. We have regular peer consultation meetings and there is access to marketing for practitioners on the website.
Rates: $25 session, also available for daily or weekly use
Contact: Annemarie Lambe on either 0417698406 or 99793317
Email: atlambe@bigpond.com
Website: barrenjoeypsychology.com

Website Resources

Again, we welcome all professionals who recently undertook training in MiCBT and remind you all that you are by default a new Institute website member, which gives you access to most professional resources, including training videos showing real demos with clients (Foundation course minimum). Just remember to login with your username and password—ask us if you are not sure where to start.

 Join us on Facebook!   

The MiCBT Institute Facebook page shares updates related to the MiCBT Institute as well as news and information on Mindfulness. We encourage our colleagues to “Like” the MiCBT Institute page and share the link with peers and others in our professional individuals –  facebook.com/MiCBTInstitute

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