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Confusion and Doubt

mindfulness confusion and doubt

Sometimes people undergoing mindfulness training ask themselves “What am I doing here with closed eyes watching my breath and body sensations?” Such doubt usually arises when we are still not clear about the reasons for mindfulness training. If you find yourself doubting your training, ask your therapist for further clarification and re-read the introductory handouts you have been given so that you fully understand how mindfulness works.

Sometimes, it is also difficult to understand the benefits you can derive from mindfulness training until you actually experience its effects. This means you need to practise it. Trying to philosophise or rationalise what good such daily effort might bring to you is not likely to fulfil your needs and will increase your doubts instead. It might be helpful if you commit yourself initially to practise for the entire week, as an experiment, and see how much benefit you derive from this practice. If you commit to practising every day, you will soon have an understanding of why you are undergoing the training – an understanding based on your own actual experience.

Although we can always doubt the wisdom of someone else, like your therapist, doubts are dispelled by the evidence which emerges from our own experience. Because your habits of emotional reactivity have been established for a long time, changing your way of reacting in daily life will require you to train every day for some time.

Accordingly, it is important to deal with any difficulties you may experience when practising mindfulness as soon as possible and get into a good practice routine. If you experience any difficulties during your practice that have not been listed above, please discuss these without delay with your therapist.

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