MiCBT Masterclass 9: Case Conceptualisation with MiCBT



01 Dic 2018


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9:30 am - 11:30 am

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MiCBT Masterclass 9: Case Conceptualisation with MiCBT

Psychological conditions can be understood from different theoretical perspectives, psychodynamic, behavioural, narrative, etc., each of which operates through their respective skill sets. Case conceptualisation helps us understand a pattern of behaviour within the theoretical framework that underpins our chosen intervention. Without it, we can become overly eclectic and operate without the support of an established theory, resulting in an intervention that lacks structure and precision. Conceptualising the mechanisms of our clients’ attitudes and reactivity within the MiCBT theoretical framework assists in treatment planning and adaptation. It can also serve as a rationale for using a mindfulness-based intervention and as a means of psychoeducation for clients.

This masterclass will describe the applications of transdiagnostic case-conceptualisation typically used in MiCBT across a range of cases and disorders. It will focus mainly on using the co-emergence model of reinforcement framework in conjunction with our standard understanding of protective, precipitating, contributing, reinforcing, and maintaining factors of maladaptive behaviour. Examples of treatment adaptation based on case-conceptualisation will also be discussed.

You will learn:

  • How to case-conceptualise mental health conditions in a transdiagnostic manner with the co-emergence model of reinforcement
  • How to case-conceptualise a specific maladaptive behaviour using the co-emergence model of reinforcement
  • How to use case-conceptualisation to adapt the order and duration of treatment stages
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