ICM Amsterdam 2018 Symposium Sessions: MiCBT, A Transdiagnostic Approach


11 Jul 2018


9:00 am - 10:15 am

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  • Zona horaria: Europe/Paris
  • Fecha: 11 Jul 2018
  • Hora: 9:00 am - 10:15 am


Roeterseiland Campus, University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 WV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Otros lugares

University of Amsterdam


International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM) Amsterdam

ICM Amsterdam 2018 Symposium Sessions: MiCBT, A Transdiagnostic Approach

Symposium Sessions: MiCBT, A Transdiagnostic Approach

  • Presenter 1: Bruno Cayoun – Understanding and Integrating Mindfulness with CBT through the Co-emergence Model of Reinforcement. A Rationale for Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Presenter 2: Alice Shires – A comparison of the efficacy of mindfulness-based interoceptive exposure and distraction in the management of chronic pain.
  • Presenter 3: Sarah Francis – Effectiveness of Mindfulness-integrated cognitive behaviour therapy for reducing symptoms of common mental health conditions: a randomized controlled trial; preliminary findings.
  • Presenter 4: Andrea Grabovac – Therapeutic rationale for teaching explicit ethics in Mindfulness- integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Chair: Lynette Monteiro


International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM) 2018 will be held July 10-13 in the historic city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, under the scientific lead of professors Susan Bögels and Anne Speckens of the University of Amsterdam and the Radboud University Nijmegen. In less than 30 years, mindfulness has developed into a booming area of scientific research, starting with a handful of scientific publications in the early 90’s followed by an exponential increase up to 1450 publications in 2016. The field has been enriched by an international scientific journal called Mindfulness which first impact factor (2014) was as high as 3.7. Research on mindfulness as a way of life, as an intervention, as prevention, as experimental manipulation, and from a psychometric, conceptual, philosophical and dharma perspective will further our understanding on how mindfulness can contribute to wellbeing and relieve suffering.

This ICM will bring together progress in mindfulness research in the domains of medicine, education, organizations, and developmental, clinical and neuropsychology. The theme of this ICM is “science from within”, as scientific progress in mindfulness is supported by a deep investigation of the process of mindfulness meditation within ourselves and the people we study. Therefore, the ICM will offer ample opportunities to nourish ourselves with practice guided by leading meditation teachers, both during the conference by early morning and afternoon practice sessions and short experiential workshops, and before and after the conference by full day pre-conference workshops and a two-day post-conference mindfulness retreat. We aspire the ICM to be wide-ranging and inclusive, and hope that it will reflect diversity in nationalities, ethnicity, and perspectives, welcoming research contributions from across the world and from different traditions. This way, we hope that the ICM will be as international as the city of Amsterdam! Finally, this ICM will connect mindfulness to literature, music, dance and film events during and around the conference, offering a mixture of activities to enjoy while staying in Amsterdam for the ICM 2018.

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