Pain Coping Study

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is evaluating a psychological exercise for coping with chronic pain and are looking for volunteers to test the brief approach. What will the study involve? An initial 10-minute phone call, after which you will complete some questionnaires about your pain. Then, you will be randomly assigned to either one of …

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Mindfulness CBT Meditation

Why Meditate? The Differential Roles of Attention, Awareness and Mindfulness

By Bruno A. Cayoun, DPsych, MiCBT Institute, Hobart Australia. Over the past two decades, much has been said about the nature, mechanisms and roles of mindfulness. Yet some conceptualizations and their derived clinical packages show a noticeable lack of differentiation between mindfulness, awareness and attention. This has consequences for what is being taught to clinicians, …

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ICM Conference 2022

Join experts from scientific, spiritual and religious traditions to further our understanding of contemplative science, compassion and mindfulness. 15-18 NOV.   The scientific and scholarly study of these things are increasingly prominent in contemporary society, academia and broader discussions.  ICM Asia Pacific 2022 will bring together a wide range of people, encompassing inputs from science, …

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Mindfulness CBT Training

Mindfulness for Mental Health and Wellbeing
4-week refresher

Commencing 17 August 12:30pm – 1:30pm Online Melbourne Mindfulness Institute If you have dropped your mindfulness practice or have forgotten some of the principles – this program may be for you. This 4-week program refreshes the skills learned in the 8-week program. We revisit the suite of mindfulness exercises and the theory on applying the …

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4-week refresher
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Mindfulness in Practice

Keys to Measuring Patient Progress during Mindfulness-integrated CBT This Novopsych-sponsored webinar will introduce mental health clinicians and mindfulness researchers on two validated measures of mindfulness. By the end of this webinar participants will understand the nature of mindfulness, how to measure progress in mindfulness-integrated CBT, the central mechanisms of its practice, and the expected daily …

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mindfulness confusion and doubt

Confusion and Doubt

Sometimes people undergoing mindfulness training ask themselves “What am I doing here with closed eyes watching my breath and body sensations?” Such doubt usually arises when we are still not clear about the reasons for mindfulness training. If you find yourself doubting your training, ask your therapist for further clarification and re-read the introductory handouts …

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mindfulness agitation


Misunderstanding the techniques of mindfulness in the early stages often leads to some agitation and the desire to distract ourselves, misinterpret the experience, become agitated and ultimately stop practising. Agitation can occur and be stimulated in many ways. For example, we can feel irritable because of external background noise, intrusive thoughts, uncomfortable room temperature, thinking …

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mindfulness interoception

Poor Interoception

If you have just started practising body-scanning, you are likely to experience initial difficulties feeling body sensations in some body parts, which is an ability called interception. Low interoception is normal and is to be expected. The reason for this is that although we can easily feel strong sensations in the body, we are not …

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mindfulness dealing with pain

Dealing with Pain

Some intense sensations can emerge during mindfulness practise for numerous reasons, including posture and old injury. They can be distressing at times, particularly when you are required to keep still and focus on body sensations during body-scanning techniques. The best way to face possible pain when practising mindfulness is to direct your attention to the …

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