| The Persian Chapter

The Persian Chapter of the MiCBT Institute is being created to offer specialised training and supervision for professionals engaged in mental health research and therapy utilising Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MiCBT).

This initiative operates under the auspices and support of the MiCBT Institute of Australia, thereby ensuring a uniform and distinguished approach to its professional undertakings.

The Persian Chapter’s outreach will extend globally, accommodating individuals in Iran and its surrounding regions who opt for Persian as their medium for MiCBT training and research.

In accordance with the established standards of the MiCBT Institute, the Persian Chapter will very soon be offering essential courses, supervision, and academic activities, all of which uphold the most rigorous benchmarks in the training of mental health professionals..

We encourage you to stay informed about forthcoming events through our announcements.

Persian Chapter Directors

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