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What Mindfulness Really Is

In this article, Marguerite Manteau-Rao, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CEO of Presence Care Project, highlights some common misconceptions on Mindfulness that her clients encounter and ways that she deals with them.

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How meditation is changing my brain

How Meditation is Changing My Brain By Sue Bell on Oct 04, 2013 in featured, Health, Sage Twenty-two years ago I began experiencing suicidal thoughts. I was a young person with little insight into the

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BRISBANE: MiCBT Groups Commencing October

These 8-week courses offer a structured method that effectively re-trains your brain and starts extinguishing unhelpful automatic thinking and reactive patterns. You’ll develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, the ability to

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New MiCBT Courses for 2013: Ireland and Canada

Registration is now open for people wishing to further their Mindfulness-integrated CBT training in Canada and Ireland:  MiCBT Foundation Course, Canada, commencing 7 September  MiCBT Applied Course, Ireland. commencing 14 September 

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