| The Latin American Chapter

The Latin American Chapter of the MiCBT Institute offers training, supervision and certification for Spanish-speaking mental health professionals in the evidence-based transdiagnostic systemic model, Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MiCBT), under the direction and support of the MiCBT Institute of Australia. The LA Chapter works closely with the MiCBT Institute to maintain consistency and continuity in its professional activities. 

The Latin American Chapter is based in Mexico and Australia. It has a global reach, including Latin America, Ibero-America and people worldwide who prefer Spanish for their training and certification in MiCBT. The directors and trainers are certified by the founding Institute to maintain the quality of the activities and have extensive experience in clinical psychology practice.

Based on the parameters and structure of the MiCBT Institute,  the Latin American Chapter will provide core courses (Foundational and Applied), supervision, academic activities, etc., and preserve the integrity and quality of training of mental health professionals. 

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Latin American Chapter Directors

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