Professional Development

MiCBT Certification is evidence of your expertise in MiCBT

Benefits of Certification

Although training in Mindfulness-integrated CBT can be undertaken without applying for certification, we recommend certification to clinicians wishing to improve their skills and clinical outcomes and demark themselves from the increasingly large number of professionals with limited formal training who offer mindfulness-based programs. Your international certification through the MiCBT Institute provides patients, referrers, employers and stakeholders with reassurance and evidence of your demonstrated competency.

MiCBT Certification will further your skilful application of Mindfulness-integrated CBT. It will provide the confidence you need to apply MiCBT in multiple contexts and with a wide range of complex clinical conditions, including in the presence of high comorbidity. You will benefit from individual mentoring sessions and strengths assessment. Supervisors/Mentors are Institute-accredited MiCBT trainers who are also highly qualified practising mental health clinicians. The certification process is flexible and self-paced.

Training and Certification Process

mindfulness cbt certification

Core MiCBT Training


  • Completed Foundation Course – self-implementation of MiCBT and establishing a daily personal practice
  • Complete Applied Course – implementation of MiCBT with clients (pre-requisite is successful completion of the Foundation Course)

Skills acquired

  • Ability to provide MiCBT to a group and individual clients, with regular clinical supervision


  • The MiCBT trainer assesses competencies during teaching sessions each week.
  • If practitioner competencies not achieved, arrangements for individualized supplementary training and reassessment will be made available.
  • Formal review process to confirm that the Foundation and Applied level competency criteria have been met (carried out by the trainer with a consultation with MiCBT Institute assessors)
Mindfulness CBT Professional Development: Certification -

MiCBT Certification

Eligible to apply after a minimum of 1 year of clinical practice at Core MiCBT level


  • Implement MiCBT with  8 individual clients or 2 individual clients and 2 groups
  • Implement MiCBT with at least 1 complex client (e.g., personality disorder, severe chronic mental health condition, or multiple comorbid conditions)
  • Complete a minimum of 12 individual supervision/mentorship sessions (8 sessions with primary supervisor/mentor, 4 sessions with secondary supervisor/mentor)
  • Attend a minimum of 6 Masterclasses (2 hrs online classes on specific MiCBT topics)
  • Attend 5-day Mindfulness residential retreat

Skills acquired

  • Ability to deepen personal mindfulness skills
  • Ability to provide MiCBT across a range of simple and complex disorders, including trauma and addiction


  • The MiCBT Trainer assesses certification competencies during supervision/mentorship sessions.
  • If practitioner competencies not achieved, arrangements for individualised supplementary training and reassessment will be made available.
  • A formal review process by MiCBT Institute assessors to confirm that certification criteria have been met.
mindfulness cbt certification

Maintenance of Certification

Eligible to apply after a minimum of 2 years of clinical practice at MiCBT Certification level.


Bi-annual maintenance of MiCBT Certification through review by the MiCBT Institute assessors is dependent upon the following:

  • Regular implementation of MiCBT with clients (minimum 5 clients/year)
  • Regular Supervision/Mentorship sessions (min. 5 per year, either 1:1 or online group supervision/mentorship
  • Attend 1 retreat/year (minimum 5-day-retreat); either a MiCBT retreat (with focus on intensive meditation) or a Vipassana retreat.
  • Remain acquainted with new research findings  (e.g., forums, updates)

Completing one 10-day Vipassana retreat in U Ba Khin’s tradition (as taught by S.N. Goenka) is not compulsory but is highly recommended.

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