Year: 2013

Are you looking for greater happiness and peace in your life?

With this 8 week Mindfulness program, learn to D.A.N.C.E  Decrease and manage pain, anger, frustration, stress, worry, anxiety and depression Accept and manage your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours  Neutralize your reaction to negative life events and feel less overwhelmed  Connect better with the people around you  Empower yourself to live well and have greater

What Mindfulness Really Is

In this article, Marguerite Manteau-Rao, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CEO of Presence Care Project, highlights some common misconceptions on Mindfulness that her clients encounter and ways that she deals with them. Post by MiCBT Institute.

How meditation is changing my brain

How Meditation is Changing My Brain By Sue Bell on Oct 04, 2013 in featured, Health, Sage Twenty-two years ago I began experiencing suicidal thoughts. I was a young person with little insight into the workings of the mind. I’d recently emigrated to Australia from a politically torn and violent South Africa. I’d never heard of post-traumatic stress disorder and

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