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MiCBT Research

Connect with peers and students, and read the latest Mindfulness research... Read more >


Measure perceived self-efficacy before/during/after mindfulness-based therapy.. Read more >


Short Progress Assessment to evaluate levels of symptom severity and manageability.. Read more >

MiCBT Practice Tools

Forms and tools for the implementation of the first three stages of MiCBT.. Access now >

MiCBT Training Videos

Watch videos showing the various applications and results of MiCBT treatment.. Training Video Portfolio

Using the mind to change the brain

A video of Dr Cayoun discussing how we can change our brains with emotional regulation... Watch now >


Interact with other therapists through the Forum -"subscribe" to keep up to date... Read more >

MiCBT Treatment Outcome Videos

Inspiring interviews with clients who have completed MiCBT therapy.. Watch now >