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Mindfulness-integrated CBT Training for Mental Health Professionals

Given the expansion of clinical applications of mindfulness, quality training is an important issue for mental health professionals. 
Training for mental health professionals

Mindfulness-integrated CBT Books, CDs and MP3s

Mindfulness-integrated CBT books, cds and mp3s are available to assist you and/or your clients to acquire good skills and good understanding of mindfulness meditation. Also available in Spanish. 
MiCBT Books, CDs, MP3s >

Rate your Mindfulness skills

with the Mindfulness-based Self-Efficacy Scale (MSES-R) questionnaire and measure the change in levels of perceived self-efficacy before, during, and after mindfulness-based therapy programs.  
Rate you Mindfulness skills >

What is Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

MiCBT is an evidence-based therapy that integrates the best of Eastern and Western Psychology. It offers a unique and comprehensive skill set to treat a range of psychological conditions. 
What is MiCBT? >